This CrèmePhoto® Media licensing information is intended for TRG® Mortgage and it's respective team members only.

Visual Assets
A CrèmePhoto® stock is a perpetual, worldwide license that allows you to use your licensed asset in all media, photography, video, including print, presentations, broadcasts, websites, and on social media sites, related to TRG® Mortgage and/or extended third party use approved by CrèmePhoto® LLC.

Photo and Filmmaking Release
All images have a release, in a printed, pre-printed, and digital form of consent. The following terms are an exhibit of rights waived to TRG® Mortgage:

Consent & Release Terms and Conditions
Through my signature below, I hereby authorize CrèmePhoto® x TRG® Mortgage to reproduce my testimonial, in full or in part, in his marketing materials and website. I understand my testimonial may be edited for clarity and/or conciseness. I have voluntarily provided the service experience information above. The information stated above is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I waive and release all rights to photos, videos, audio, and social platforms for the intended use.

Applicable law
Testimonial Releases are normally subject to individual state & global laws, governing general and commercial contract principles. Depending on the type of testimonial, federal copyright laws may also apply.

Please see the summary of restrictions below or read the Terms & Conditions for more details.

Editorial Use

In addition to the license restrictions above, assets labeled “Editorial Use Only”:
May only be used in relation to events or topics which are newsworthy or of public interest, typically in newspaper or magazine articles, news blogs, or similar media.

May not be used for commercial purposes such as advertisements, promotions, endorsements, advertorials, commercial blogs, merchandise, etc. - even if you have obtained an extended license - without obtaining prior written consent from the copyright owner of the asset, and additional permissions as necessary.

May not be modified, except for minor adjustments for technical quality or slight cropping or resizing, while maintaining the editorial context and integrity of the original.

All uses must include the credit line shown on the site and contained in the IPTC credit line field of the file, for example Legal Entity-DBA/Contributor - CrèmePhoto® LLC/@cremephoto.

The Audio Standard License covers most common uses like social media, websites, digital ads and corporate presentations, except those listed below.

The Audio Extended License
is required for projects which will be distributed via:TV or RadioPaid-access on-demand or streaming videoApps or Video GamesTheatrical releasesPhysical Point-of-Sale Locations

Restrictions for both Audio licenses:
Audio files must be synchronized with picture, narration, etc. No stand-alone distribution. The audio file must not comprise the primary value of the end product.

No remixing, mashups or other alterations for the purpose of creating a new music track. Only minimal modifications are allowed. Audio files cannot be incorporated into templates, logos, or other corporate branding. For full audio license terms see our Terms & Conditions.

More info
If you still have questions:
You can view the type of license associated with an asset on the Details page in your web browser.If you're not sure what type of license you have for a specific asset, or if you need to purchase an additional license for an asset, click your name in the navigation bar above to open your License History page.

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