our ethos

The art
of lending.

YOU are what inspires us.
like a portrait hanging in your living room wall, it tells a story.

Working with us is an experience beyond the terms of a home loan. The touch is personal, the attention to detail, and knowing you will have a happy story to tell others.

Modern teamwork for modern times.

What we do together.
• Client
• Lender
• Processing
• Technology

Anytime, anywhere, our in-house processing team works on moving you closer to the finish line.


A collective of
client talks.

What they say is everything we work for.

There's always the right person for the job. The versatility and diversity within our team is something we're proud of. Every client is unique, and deserving to be well taken care of.

Paula E.

After all these years, we've built a friendship and trust with our family's home financing needs.

Dawn R.

Kelcie was persistent in finding us the right home and the best possible negotiations. We are happy with our real estate and lending results!

Ronald T.

Working with Isaiah and Cristina didn't disappoint! Finding investment property is not easy in this market.

Rosie T.

The bank turned us down and TRG was there to help us refinance, cash out, and improve our home.

Jason G.

I'm one of those people who needs to know what's going on all the time, especially as first-time buyers.

Mara S.

Keila was able to rush a Pre-Approval that got us into escrow quickly! She made the process easy!

Manuel R.

Zelma was very caring and her sense of urgency is what earned my trust 100% throughout the entire process to a close.
purchase or refinance


You need money. We all need money. How we find solutions will astound you, when it comes to "borrowing smart". Let's start today.


The Basics

From primary to investment home, we'll make it happen. Traditional financing starts from 3% down, to as much down as you'd like.



FHA insured home financing makes it easy for first-time home-buyers with only 3.5% down. Homeownership is a step closer versus renting.


Veteran Affairs

We thank our veterans for your service. It's our time to serve you, with 100% home financing options making the buying process a reality.


Big Dreams

High balance and jumbo financing is possible without the high interest rates. Options for fixed and adjustable programs are available.



Some borrowers have unique income situations and traditional banks won't entertain it. We'll analyze your situation and provide solutions with alternative underwriting solutions.


Home Equity

You're thinking of remodeling your home or paying off that solar panel, it's time we talk about a line of credit secured by the home.

WE are hiring


You love helping people. You love making a difference. You love technology, but want to make a human connection.

Already NMLS & state licensed?
Send your resume to: Loans@mytrg.com

We've got many homeowernship dreams to make a reality.

Join Us

We're looking for self-starters that need our platform to grow. Cristina is ready to lead your journey into a successful one.

Client Relations

We don't sell, we give advice that has a proven track record. People come to us via referrals, friends, family, your gym buddy. There's a reason why we succeed with repeat business. Relationships are EVERYTHING at TRG Mortgage.


We love technology. What we love more is the human personal touch in every transaction. You can't manage a CRM or navigate the social, if you haven't proven this method first. We're here to help you develop these attributes.


It's true that teamwork makes the dream work. If a client decides to work with you, that's the beginning of your vesting in our ecosystem. We are all equally important to the loan process.


Personal growth is a direct reflection of your business. How you care for yourself is a mirror to how you'll care for others.


Now you're a Mortgage Loan Originator. How will people find out about you, besides referrals? There's a method to the madness without being spammy. We don't like spam.


When clients come first we are rewarded as a result. Competitive loan pricing is important in order to win in a highly saturated marketplace.

Zoom Interview

Qualified individuals can interview in person or via Zoom. Times have changed, and our reach can still have an impact virtually, in every way.


Pre-Approval Stage



First Approval

Initial conditions



Client pre-close stage

13 Days



Funding & recording



I am seeking.
I am striving.
I am in it with all my heart.
V. Van Gogh

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Habits of Excellence

Staying on top of the market is a non-negotiable. If we don't educate ourselves endlessly, we're no good to the marketplace we intend to serve.

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Our Brand

We're proud of our brand. Many years of hard work, commitment, and service excellence is worn every day. This is our superhero cape.

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Have Fun

We're in a serious business of funding dreams. We seriously know how to keep it simple and have fun.

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Give surprises

Flowers are nice but they lose life kind of quickly. We will make your closing process memorable.











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