Broker, CEO

Isaiah Rodriguez

DRE 01748667 | NMLS 1387300
(323) 828-6559

About Isaiah

Isaiah started his career in lending in 2001, embarking a life decision to enter the industry at the age of 19. Starting from a personal banker's desk providing consumer lending services, from unsecured to secured, It was then that he realized there's more to finances than banking from 8-6pm. After 4 years of establishing a name in the community, Isaiah knew it was time to challenge the limitations and offerings from only one financial institution. Educating and advising clients was finally achieved to a full extent when he moved to a reputable mortgage company in 2004. The growth was exponential, with developing production in 3 major market segments, leading in technology design, investor relations, correspondent, and client management.

The unrelenting drive to succeed in starting his own mortgage company went well past the 2007 financial crisis, and the many lessons his aerospace engineering father influenced in his youthful undertaking during this time. From design, film photography, and high achievements in many creative areas, TRG® Mortgage was established in 2010 while starting a family. The truth is, because of the TRUST he had built with every single client throughout this time, is the reason TRG® Mortgage became a trusted name. It's a reflection of honesty, integrity, and the ability to fulfill the client's needs when serving with their best interest at heart.

Today in 2021 as the landscape continues to evolve, the company continues to grow amazing individuals that value these principles and adapt to a modern way of working. The company has expanded into multiple states reliably, helping past and new clients fulfill their lending needs as they enter new homeowernship goals during these moving times.

Lending as well continues to evolve with more wholesale investor relations, correspondent, direct, and retaining major households as a self funded company that continues to provide "make sense" lending to our borrowers. There's redefined client advising consisting of "borrowing smart" getting into a home, to "securing smart" with educating borrowers on the best way to refinance in the future.

Latest client remarks

If there's anyone that will tell you yes or no, it's Isaiah. If he tells you no we can't make a loan now, he will help you create a plan to be able to do so. We need more lenders to be this transparent and try to help us put our best foot forward before we get into any financial commitment.

My thoughts: The more we know about the client, the better of we’ll be creating a plan. There's a speed in the consumer space that needs to slow down, for the sake of understanding situations beyond a credit report and tax returns for a Pre-Approval. The space deserves better and it's through a deepened connection with our people. They're vested in us for solutions.


• Lending since 2001

• Still in practice with loan originations

• Mentoring of agents, team development, marketing, client retention

• Broker in multiple states, NMLS licensed in multiple states, strategic planning expert

Broker, CEO

My role with the company as a Broker & CEO, is to uphold the highest level of drive for the company to succeed in many areas that are true and personal to our people. I want our employees to have purpose, a strong sense of belonging, the impact their making in our marketplace, their confidence with knowing they continue to grow personally and professionally. Our clients are the nucleus of why we're in existence and we take that seriously, from Pre-Approval to funding and recording, that's only the beginning of the real relationship with them personally. Compliance, education, training, are the staples before profits. This ensures we're steadfast with our approach to the public making their needs a priority with their best interest always at heart.

Paula E.

After all these years, we've built a friendship and trust with our family's home financing needs.

Dawn R.

Kelcie was persistent in finding us the right home and the best possible negotiations. We are happy with our real estate and lending results!

Ronald T.

Working with Isaiah and Cristina didn't disappoint! Finding investment property is not easy in this market.

Rosie T.

The bank turned us down and TRG was there to help us refinance, cash out, and improve our home.

Jason G.

I'm one of those people who needs to know what's going on all the time, especially as first-time buyers.

Mara S.

Keila was able to rush a Pre-Approval that got us into escrow quickly! She made the process easy!

Manuel R.

Zelma was very caring and her sense of urgency is what earned my trust 100% throughout the entire process to a close.