IT Executive

Jonah Estrada
(714) 989-6803

About Jonah

Gaming and building awesome computers have paid off. To be a part of a secure, intricate, high maintenance process in technology is something to admire.

Colleague remarks

Jonah has always been great with set ups, transitions, or simply reminding me how wrong my passwords are and why I can't log in! Banter aside it's nice to have a sense of security and innovation within the company.

My thoughts: Secure what matters, always. There's no shortcuts to securing our clients information and communication.



•  Expert

• LOS maintenance and updates

• Mail management and data encryption

• Other geek stuff too cool to share here

Production Lead

My role with the company as a IT, is all about support and ensuring it's not boring.

Paula E.

After all these years, we've built a friendship and trust with our family's home financing needs.

Dawn R.

Kelcie was persistent in finding us the right home and the best possible negotiations. We are happy with our real estate and lending results!

Ronald T.

Working with Isaiah and Cristina didn't disappoint! Finding investment property is not easy in this market.

Rosie T.

The bank turned us down and TRG was there to help us refinance, cash out, and improve our home.

Jason G.

I'm one of those people who needs to know what's going on all the time, especially as first-time buyers.

Mara S.

Keila was able to rush a Pre-Approval that got us into escrow quickly! She made the process easy!

Manuel R.

Zelma was very caring and her sense of urgency is what earned my trust 100% throughout the entire process to a close.